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Holyland Records Ltd. is proud to introduce a once in a lifetime special project from the Holy Land. These forty CD's feature special masses, litanies, community prayers and hymns performed live by monks and nuns from churches and monasteries throughout the Holy Land.

Chants from the Holy Land is a collection of sacred music spanning a broad range of religious communities sung in the original languages: Aramaic, Armenian, Latin, Greek, Rumanian, Slavonic, Georgian, Slovakian, German, French, Italian, and Arabic.

Hear the bells ringing, smell the incense burning and feel the calm and tranquility of these most holy places through these sacred chants. From the little town of Bethlehem to the Mount of Olives; from Mount Sinai to the seashores of the Galilee, where Jesus long ago called fishermen to leave their nets and follow him, experience this musical pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

No other music will touch you more deeply than these simple Gregorian, Byzantine, Oriental and Medieval chants with their quiet and relaxing atmosphere ideal for meditation. They will lift your soul and soothe your body, mind and spirit.