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CD-30 Bells of the Holy Land

The chiming of church bells is one of the distinct characteristics of the Holy Land. This original collection of ringing bells, including special feast ringings, continues a Christian tradition begun in the 6th century. Hear the bells and through them, be transported in sound to the grandeur of the Land of the Bible.


1. St. Peter in Gallicantu – Angelus                                             5. Benedictine Monastery – Regular ringing with chant
2. Latroun Abbey – Regular ringing with chant                          6. St. James Cathedral – Feast ringing with chant
3. Holy Sepulchre Church – Easter ringing                                7. Church of All Nations – Regular ringing with part of the Mass
4. St. Catherine’s Monastery – Feast ringing with chant          8. Ethiopian Monastery – Feast ringing with part of the Liturgy
9. Monastery of St. George of Chozeba                                      10. St. Peter in Gallicanty – Feast ringing.

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