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CD-39-40 The Gold Collection

2-CD Set

For the first time, HOLYLAND RECORDS LTD. brings you an archive of inspiring liturgical music from the Land of the Bible. Historically accurate, this rendition of Chants from the Holy Land combines 2,000 years of Christian tradition with the best state-of-the-art technology to provide both authenticity and superb sound clarity. This striking collection spans the panoply, revealing the hidden treasures of both Eastern and Western liturgical music. It includes a broad spectrum of ancient chants of every genre (Armenian, Greek, Latin, Rumanian, Russian, Slavonic, Syriac, Georgian, Slovakian, German, French, Italian and Arabic). Whether recorded live by local monks and nuns in situ in the very places where the Bible stories occurred or in a modern sound studio in Jerusalem, Chants From the Holy Land is an inspiring experience, certain to have a powerfully soothing and healing effect on body, soul and spirit.

CD-39 Tracklist                                                  CD-40 Tracklist

1. From Apparition of Our Lady                                           1. From Pilgrimage to the Christ Church
2. From Night at the Tomb of the Lord                               2. From Pilgrimage to Holy Cross Monastery
3. From Night at the Tomb of the Lord                               3. From Ecumenical Evening
4. From Lent on the Mount of Olives                                   4. From Pilgrimage to St. Anne's Church
5. From Pilgrimage to Dormition Abbey                             5. From Pilgrimage to Dormition Abbey
6. From Feast of St. George of Chozeba in Vadi Kelt       6. From Bells of the Holy Land
7. From Armenian Chants                                                     7. From Singing Jesuits
8. From Rumanian Chants                                                    8. From Syrian Liturgy
9. From Christ the King                                                           9. From The Last War by Regina Derieva
10. From The Upper Room                                                  10. From Ethiopian Liturgy
11. From Winter Dialogue by Thomas Venclova              11. From Spirit of Harpsichord
12. From Dormition of the Mother of God                           12. From Easter Collection
13. From St. Catherine's Monastery on Mount Sinai        13. From On the Jordan River by Victor Krivoulin
14. From Armenian Patriarchate                                          14. From The Nativity Collection
15. From Vespers and complie                                            15. From On Our Way to You
16. From Exaltation of the Cross                                          16. From The Orthodox Collection
17. From Golgotha                                                                    17. From The Eastern Churches' Collection
18. From Gethesmane                                                            18. From The Catholic Collection

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