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CD-07 Dormition of the Mother of God

The Tomb Of Mary

From the Dormition of the Mother of God in Jerusalem - where the tomb of Mary is located - come these moving hymns inspired by the Holy Virgin. Sung in ancient Church Slavonic by the outstanding Russian Choir of St. Romanus Melodist, and conducted by world renowned choirmaster Pavel Ptitsa.

The Russian Choir Society of St. Romanus Melodist was recorded in Keshet Studios in Jerusalem in April 1996.


1. Bless the Lord, O My Soul (Greek Chant) G. Lvovsky
2. Blessed is the Man (Kiev Chant)
3. Small Litany S. Smolensky
4. Lord I Cry Out to You (Znamenny Chant) 8th Tone XVII-XVIII century
5. Sticherion of the Feast 8th Tone
6. O Gladsome Radiance (Znamenny Chant) I. Smirnov
7. Litany Repeated S. Smolensky
8. O Lord Hieromonk Turchaninov
9. Troparion of the Feast Hieromonk Turchaninov 1stTone
10. Praise the Name of the Lord (Znamenny) I. Smirnov
11. Magnification for Dormition (Znamenny) XVIII century
12. 1st Canon of the Feast (Monastery Chant) 1st Tone
13. Canticles 1-3
14. Small Litany
15. Kontakion (Znamenny Chant) D. Solov’ev, 2nd Tone
16. Canticles 7-8
17. My Soul Does Magnify the Lord (Znamenny) I. Smirnov
18. Canticle 9
19. Litany Repeated S. Smolensky
20.Troparion of the Feast with the Bells

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