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CD-20 On Our Way to You

The Jesus Community Of Johanniter Hospiz

A joyous exaltation of modern religious hymns, this collection uses panpipes, guitars, flutes and vibrant rhythmic percussions to celebrate the Glory of God. Recorded by the German Jesus Community of Johanniter Hospiz in Jerusalem. This collection will uplift your spirit again and again.

A collection of modern religious songs was recorded in the Keshet Studio in Jerusalem in November 1996.


1. Your light, Music: G. Pfluger; Lyrics: G. Pfluger/G. Baites
2. Jesus wants to go on, Music & Lyrics: G. Pfluger
3. Set your mind on the things above Music & Lyrics: G. Pfluger
4. Open our eyes, Music & Lyrics: G. Pfluger
5. Here I am, Music & Lyrics: B. Guberman
6. When I see, Music & Lyrics: M. Pfluger
7. We stand before you, Music: G. Pfluger; Lyrics: G. Pfluger
8. Song of a bride, Music & Lyrics: M. Pfluger
9. Jesus, shepherd,Music: G. Pfluger; Lyrics: G. Pfluger/R. Werner
10. Father, I follow you, Music & Lyrics: G. Pfluger
11. Let us be like a city on the hill, Music: D. Kallauch

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