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CD-14 Pilgrimage to the Christ Church

The Choir Of Downing College Cambridge

Tranquil yet uplifting, the simple compositions sung by the Choir of Downing College Cambridge touch the soul. Recorded live in Christ Church at Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, the melodies and voices radiate a purity of heart and a depth of devotion that usher in the presence of the divine. Sung in English and the original Latin, these chants have a powerfully soothing and healing effect that will linger long after the last note is sung.

The Choir of Downing College Cambridge
Conductor; Nicola Crickmore


1. Rejoice in the Lord Always Anon                      5. O Vos Omnes Croce
2. Hosanna to the Son of David Gibbons            6. This is the Record of John Gibbons
3. Otche Nash (The Lord’s Prayer) Kedrov          7. Steal Away Tippet
4. Tiebe Poiem Rachmaninov                                8. Bring Us, O Lord God Harris

English harpsichord music played by Alexander Rosenblatt

9-10. W. Byrd Pavana and Galiarda, both from “The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book” No. CCLII and CCLIII)
11. P. Philips Amarilli di Julio Romano, from “The Fitzwillaim Virginal Book” No. LXXXII G.F. Handel Suite No. 8 in F-minor
12-13. Prelude (Adagio; Allegro)
14. Allemande
15. Courante
16. Gigue

The instrument: Flemish single-manual harpsichord (replica, 8’+8’ + Lute, a’ = 415Hz) renewed and reconstructed by A. Rosenblatt in 1992.


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