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CD-08 The Upper Room

From St. Mark's Syrian Orthodox Monastery

Hear the oldest chants still sung in the original 1st century Aramaic, the language of Jesus, in these Syrian Orthodox liturgies from the authentic Upper Room of the Last Supper and from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Archbishop Dionysius Behnam recorded these hymns from the Takeshfotho book of petitions and requests in Jerusalem.

Archbishop Dionysis Behnam recorded hymns from Takeshfotho and Ghmieze books of petitions and requests (4th-6thcenturies AD.) in the Keshet Studio in Jerusalem in November 1995.


1. When in the End                                                                        9. My Lord, Draw Me Up
2. On All the Earth (passage)                                                    10. The Voices of Adam
3. With Great Sorrow                                                                   11. Let Us Remember
4. At that Time When All Creations Tremble and Quake     12. Goodbye
5. Pair of Brothers                                                                        13. Small and Little
6. Messiah, the Bridegroom (passage)                                  14. The Funeral of Christ, Our King
7. The Test of Habel                                                                    15. Glory to the Worthy
8. To Your Home We Came O Lord                                          16. The Doors of Paradise

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