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CD-03 Lent on the Mount of Olives

Live From Our Lady Of Calvary Abbey

Lent on the Mount of Olives comes to life in this live recording of the morning service by 12 Benedictine nuns of Our Lady of Calvary, made in their abbey. The sisters imbue these chants with the love and faith that forms the very core of their existence, bringing the power of belief to all that listens.

Recorded live in March 1996 in a Benedictine Monastery


1. Tolling of the Bell                                                                                      10. Antiphon & Psalm 90 (8th Mode)
2. Hymn JAM CHRISTE SOL JUSTITIA (2nd Mode)                                11. Kyrie (1st Mode)
3. Antiphon & Psalm 3 (2nd Mode)                                                            12. Angelus (2nd Mode)
4. Antiphon & Canticle of Daniel (3:52-57) (4th Mode)                           13. Credo (4th Mode)
5. Antiphon & Psalm 146 (2nd Mode)                                                        14. Scapulis Suis (3rd Mode)
6. Chanting of the OUR FATHER                                                                15. Sanctus (5th Mode)
7. Hymn in honor of St. Benedict CLARIS CONJUBILA (3rd Mode)      16. Agnus Dei (5th Mode)
8. Procession before Mass: SALVE, FESTA DIES (4th Mode)               17. Nunc Sancte
9. Ringing of the Bell

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