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CD-23 Pilgrimage to St. Anne’s Church

Live from Jerusalem

From St. Anne’s Church in Jerusalem, the traditional site of the birth of Mary, mother of Jesus, comes a collection of inspirational chants recorded live, on site, by a group of Slovakian Pilgrims. Only in 1989, when the Slovak Republic became free, pilgrimages returned to the Holy Land. This group took part in the third National Pilgrimage. Their joy and faith are reflected in this unique recording.

The Slovakian Group was recorded live on May 7, 1996 at St Anne’s Church.


1. Ground of the Church                                       8. I Venerate You
2. Glory to God in the Heaven                              9. I Live For You, O My Jesus
3. I Believe in God                                                10. The Pope Hymn
4. From the Hands of Your Priest                      11. O, Mary, You Painful
5. Our Father                                                          12. O, God, That Gave Us
6. Lamb of God                                                      13. Litany to Mary
7. Our Easter Victim                                              

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