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CD-26 The Catholic Collection

With bird songs, chiming bells and Gregorian chants, this collection of Catholic liturgical music from the Holy Land brings the serenity of cloistered contemplation, along with the majesty of holy and sacred intensity to its listeners. The voices and instruments blend together in prayerful tranquility and reflective calm to impart the very essence of faith.

1. Graz Gregorian Chant School                                 6. Visitation of Our Lady (Choir of the Custody)
2. Benedictine Monastery on the Mount of Olives    7. Gethsemane (Choir of the Custody)
3. Organ at the Holy Sepulchre Church                     8. Singing Jesuits
4. Apparition of Our Lady (Choir of the Custody)      9. Slovakian Pilgrims
5. Latroun Abbey                                                           10. Golgotha (Choir of the Custody)


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